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푸에르토리코는 조지아에서 Jon Ossoff의 상원 경선에서 인화점이 됩니다.

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["게티 이미지 전 대표. 루이스 구티에레스 (NS), 오른쪽에, 푸에르토리코의 자결에 대한 확신이 있을 때까지 조지아 민주당원인 Jon Ossoff의 상원 캠페인에서 그의 지지를 철회했습니다.. 전 대표. 루이스 구티에르...

Georgia Finishes Presidential Hand Tally, Affirms Joe Biden’s Lead

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["애틀랜타 (AP) — A top Georgia election official said Thursday that a hand tally of ballots cast in the presidential race has been completed, and that the results affirm Democrat Joe Biden’s narrow lead over Republica...

Georgia Elections Official Pleads With Trump To Stop Inspiring Violence

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["Georgia’s voting systems manager Gabriel Sterling fervently denounced the threats and harassment directed at election workers, imploring President Donald Trump to stop provoking such behavior and to condemn it inste...

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