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Trump: Miljoene Amerikaners wat COVID-19 kry, is 'geweldig’ En 'n 'Kragtige entstof’

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["President Donald Trump het Dinsdag die groot aantal Amerikaners wat met COVID-19 besmet is, as 'geweldig' uitgespreek,”En beweer valslik dat al die gevalle as 'n 'kragtige entstof' dien. 'Ek dink dat die entstof ...

Getting ThroughWith Mominatu

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["Illustrasie: Isabella Carapella/ HuffPost; Foto's: Seyni Ba and Getty Images Mominatu At just 26 jaar oud, Mominatu has lived many lives. She’s traveled the world — Puerto Rico, Portugal, India, Tanzania and Ecuad...

Getting ThroughWith Fariha Róisín

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["Illustrasie: Isabella Carapella/HuffPost; Foto's: Fariha Róisín and Getty Images Fariha Róisín knows a thing or two about survival. The dedication of Fariha Róisín’s debut novel, “Like A Bird,” reads: “To every...

Progressives Had Some Success In 2020, But They’re Getting Blamed For House Losses

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["Once again, progressives are having to defend themselves in their own party. After dominating the national conversation for much of the Democratic presidential primary season and ousting entrenched Democratic incumb...

Trump’s Tweets Will Stop Getting Special Treatment If He Loses

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["President Donald Trump’s tweets will no longer be subject to special treatment if he loses the election to Democratic nominee Joe Biden, meaning his account ― which has racked up multiple misinformation warnings thi...

How To Tell If Your Kid Is Actually Getting Anything Out Of Remote School

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[]["sakkmesterke via Getty ImagesMillions of children are learning remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic — but are they actually getting anything out of it?Millions of parents around the country are months deep in...

Beekeepers Determined To Avoid Getting Stung By Pandemic Shutdowns

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[]["IOLA, Wis. (AP) — They wrote it right into their business plan -– an expectation that, each year, at least half the stock on which their livelihood depends would die.Building a business around bees is not for the ...