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7 Thoughtful Alternatives To Giving Store-Bought Gifts This Year

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[]["Doesn’t it seem like the older you get, the more stressful the holidays become? There are gift lists and shopping budgets and the mad rush to get everything done on time. Throw a global pandemic on top of it all, ...

12 Thoughtful, Unique Gifts Under $100 From Black-Owned Brands

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[]["HuffPostIt’s the most wonderful time of the year. 또는, it’s a dreaded time if you never seem to know what to buy the people in your life. You could scour the sites of major retailers, but there’s also the option to...

24 Best Gifts For Your Boyfriend Who’s Hard To Buy For

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[]["It’s hard to buy a gift for someone when you’re in the early stages of a relationship: You don’t want to overplay your hand with something super sentimental or exorbitantly priced, but you also want to get across ...

The Best Kitchen Gifts For The Serious Cook Who Has Everything

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[]["If you need a meaningful gift for the person in your life who loves cooking but seems to already have everything, you’ve come to the right place. Because that person is me, and I want everything on this list.These...

50 Weird Christmas Gifts Almost As Bizarre As The Year 2020

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["It’s safe to say that this year’s Christmas is going to be the weirdest one in memory. Pandemics have a way of doing that. Yep, 2020 has been a strange year, one full of twists and turns. It’s a year so bizarre that...

Here Are The Sad & Funny Holiday Gifts Employees Would Actually Want To Get

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[]["Prasert Krainukul via Getty ImagesAlthough some employers are getting creative with elaborate holiday gifts during COVID-19, cash is still the best thing an employer can give.To make up for a hellish year of livin...

트럼프 환경 보호국의 이별 선물

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["조 바이든(Joe Biden) 대통령 당선자가 지구 난방 배출을 줄이기 시작하는 가장 빠른 방법은 규제를 통할 것입니다., 공화당이 상원을 장악하려는 태세를 보이면서, 의회 통과에 대한 희망을 흐리게 ...