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Lindsey Graham은 조지아 공무원에게 법적 투표를 하도록 압력을 가한 사실을 부인합니다.

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["그것의. 린지 그레이엄 (R-S.C.) 그가 조지아의 국무장관에게 합법적인 투표용지를 폐기할 방법을 찾도록 압력을 가했다는 주장을 부인했습니다., 월요일 기자들에게 그들의 대화를 그렇게 해석하는 것은 "어리석다"고 말합니다..

Barack Obama는 그의 새 책에서 Lindsey Graham에 대한 지독한 묘사를했습니다.

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["버락 오바마 전 대통령의 새 책, “약속의 땅,” 다음 주 출시 예정, 그러나 초기 리뷰는 이미 나와 있으며 그의 정치적 경쟁자에 대한 놀라운 설명을 인용합니다.. 뉴와이에 따르면...

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham Pushes Voter Fraud Claims, Urges Trump Not To Concede

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["그것의. 린지 그레이엄 (R-S.C.) on Sunday fueled unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about voter fraud and urged President Donald Trump not to concede the election, despite virtually all major media networks projecting...

Lindsey Graham Holds On To South Carolina Senate Seat Amid Well-Funded Challenge

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["그것의. Lindsey Graham is projected to win a fourth term in Congress, clinching a victory over Democrat Jaime Harrison. Graham had won 54% of the vote as of Tuesday night. The win ensures that one of the most powerfu...

Graham Says U.S. Has A ‘PlaceFor Women Who Follow ‘Traditional Family Structure

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["그것의. 린지 그레이엄 (R-S.C.) assured “young women” on Sunday that there’s a “place” for them in America if they “follow traditional family structure,” “embrace your religion” and oppose abortion. Graham ironically l...

알렉산드리아 오카시오-코르테즈, '무기력' 강타’ 트럼프 수행사제 린지 그레이엄

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["대표. 알렉산드리아 오카시오-코르테스 (디-뉴.) 금요일에 궁지에 몰린 센의 "무척함"을 비난했습니다.. 린지 그레이엄 (R-S.C.), tweeting that he was “at the top when it comes to folding on your own values like a wet blanket...

‘The Daily ShowTaunts Lindsey Graham With A Damning Supercut Of His Own Words

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["그것의. 린지 그레이엄 (R-S.C.) has become one of President Donald Trump’s biggest defenders in the Senate. But that wasn’t always the case. On Thursday, “The Daily Show” turned a 2016 interview with Graham into a supe...

Lindsey Graham Bets His Career On Supreme Court: ‘Biggest Challenge I’ve Ever Faced

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["GREENVILLE, S.C. ― Lindsey Graham has a real race on his hands and he knows it. The Republican senator is being squeezed from all sides as the election nears ― from his left by a well-funded Democratic opponent, Ja...

Fox News Cuts Off Lindsey Graham In The Middle Of His Latest Money Plea

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["그것의. 린지 그레이엄 (R-S.C.) has been using his airtime on Fox News to appeal for more money from viewers. But it seems the right-wing network may have had enough. 그레이엄, who is locked in a tight race against Demo...