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Prince Harry: ‘Ignorance Is No Longer An ExcuseFor Unconscious Bias

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["LONDRA (AP) — Britain’s Prince Harry says it took him many years and the experience of living with his wife, the former Meghan Markle, to understand how his privileged upbringing shielded him from the reality of unc...

Harry Styles Does Pet Chore For Fan When His Car Breaks Down Outside Her Home

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["This might be better than a watermelon sugar high. Harry Styles’ car broke down recently and he sought refuge in the home of what turned out to be a huge fan. He even took care of her pet. It reportedly happened to ...

Harry Styles, Megan Thee Stallion, BTS: These Are The 2021 Grammy Nominations

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["Dua Lipa, Imogen Heap and others revealed the nominees for the 63rd annual Grammy Awards on Tuesday morning alongside Recording Academy President Harvey Mason Jr. We're now LIVE! 🎶Watch all the nominations excitemen...

Prince Harry Sweetly Surprises Friend With Reality TV Show Appearance

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["Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shut down rumors surrounding their own personal reality show this year, but that hasn’t stopped them from making a few meaningful TV show appearances. The Duke of Sussex made headline...

Celebs Defend Harry Styles After He Gets Attacked For His Vogue Cover Dress

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["Olivia Wilde and Zach Braff are among the stars defending Harry Styles after the singer came under fire from a small but vocal group of critics for his embrace of gender-fluid fashion. La settimana scorsa, Vogue magazine unv...

Daniel Radcliffe Reveals Monkey Business Happening In NSFW ‘Harry PotterMoment

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["When it comes to “Harry Potter” secrets, Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t monkey around. The actor’s appearance on the “Hot Ones” YouTube series on Thursday started out innocently enough, with the Boy Who Lived chowing down...

Harry Styles On Challenging Gender Norms Through Style: Women’s Clothes Are ‘Amazing

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["Harry Styles’ solo career has gained yet another accolade: a solo American Vogue cover. The “Watermelon Sugar” singer graces the cover of the magazine’s December issue, wearing a Gucci jacket and dress in photos rel...

Harry StylesMom On Son’s Vogue Cover: ‘Who Doesn’t Love Playing Dress-Up?’

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["Credit Anne Twist for her son Harry Styles’ labeless, forward-thinking passion for fashion. Days after Styles became the first man ever to land a solo cover of Vogue magazine, Twist publicly gushed about the pop st...

Lo "stupido" di Trump’ governo. Kemp Call "Confinato con la criminalità": L'ex leader del Senato Harry Reid

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["La telefonata di sabato del presidente Donald Trump al governatore repubblicano della Georgia. Brian Kemp “confinava con la criminalità,L'ex leader della maggioranza al Senato Harry Reid (D-Nev.) ha detto alla CNN. Trump ha chiamato Kemp per chiedere che il governo....