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Chase Rice Slammed For ‘DisgustingJoke About Having COVID-19

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["Chase Rice was lambasted on Twitter this weekend after making a “disgusting” joke about possibly having COVID-19. The 35-year-old country singer tweeted on Saturday ahead of the release of his new song with Florida ...

Matthew McConaughey Reveals Dad Died While Having Sex With His Mom

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["Matthew McConaughey has shared details of his parents’ volatile relationship ― and how it came to an end. The Oscar winner revealed in his new memoir “Greenlights” that his father, James McConaughey, died while havi...

Meghan Markle Describes Having Miscarriage While Holding Baby Archie

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["PA Meghan Markle has spoken about experiencing a miscarriage in July, detailing how she was holding Archie when she realized something wasn’t right. “After changing his diaper, I felt a sharp cramp. I dropped to th...

9 Little Things Therapists Do When They’re Having A Bad Day

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[]["Some mornings you just wake up in a crappy mood with a pounding headache. Or you get some tough feedback from your boss that sends you into a downward spiral. Or it just feels like nothing is going your way — from...