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我在大流行期间开始写色情. 这是它如何改变我的生活.

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["奥斯卡黄通过盖蒂图片 \"当我开始这段旅程, 我认为自己是一个作家. Now I realize I’m also a businesswoman.\" 封锁于 3 月在蒙特利尔开始 12. I was already in a state of personal cri...

这里是术语“跛脚鸭”’ 来自

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[]["Tasos Katopodis 通过 Getty Images 在输给乔拜登之后, 唐纳德特朗普被认为是 \"跛脚鸭" president.Following the election of former Vice President Joe Biden, 唐纳德特朗普总统在“跛脚公爵...

我开始服用百忧解. 这是它教给我的保守家庭关于心理健康的东西.

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["由 Stacia Datskovska 提供 作者. 五月我发现自己蜷缩在厨房的地板上——麻木哭泣. 我妈妈站在我旁边求我停下来. 最终, 当她意识到我不会回应时, 她 ...

玛丽·特朗普: 这就是为什么我的叔叔不会再次竞选总统的原因 2024

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["玛丽特朗普说她的叔叔, 唐纳德特朗普总统, 可能会连任 2024 是“荒谬的”。 “我认为这, 最初, 可能是他想到的一个想法,目的是为了安抚...

是的, 我现在将“接触”特朗普选民, 再次进入 4 年. 这就是为什么.

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["某处, 在印第安纳州, 我童年的牧师正坐在他的台式电脑前发布假新闻, 在他的 Facebook 上向一群正义投票反对我权利的人展示了模因和大量未经核实的事实。.

黑色星期五 vs. 网络星期一: 这是真正的区别

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[]["随着感恩节周末临近, 数百万美国人正准备放弃一些现金. 周四至周一的为期五天的假日购物盛会中包括两个最大的商店。.

脑部感染让我几乎忘记了一切. 这就是我如何再次成为自己.

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["由 Meghan Beaudry 提供 作者在她的公寓里拥抱她的一只狗. 我已经忘记了我生命中的很多事情: 我的钥匙, 测试题的答案, 我朋友的生日. 我从没想过我会忘记如何....

COVID-19 会损害您的牙齿和口腔吗? 这是你应该知道的.

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[]["COVID-19 曾被认为主要影响肺部, 但在整个大流行期间,我们了解到事实并非如此。每个人对冠状病毒的反应都不同: 有些人失去了品味, ...

Public Pressure And Lawsuits Kept USPS From Handing Trump The Election. Here’s How.

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["Voters in some key states were put in a very precarious position as the 2020 election approached. On the one hand, conservative legislatures and courts implemented rules that required mailed ballots to be received b...

I Had To Have My Entire Nose Removed Or Risk Dying. 这是它如何改变我的生活.

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["Courtesy of Barbara Caplan-Bennett The author with her \"temporary\" fake nose. Melanoma: a pretty word for a very ugly cancer. When I was diagnosed with it nine years ago, it didn’t seem like that big of a deal. Th...

Polls Underestimated Trump Again. Here’s What We Know So Far.

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["Polling on the 2020 presidential election once again appears to have substantially underestimated President Donald Trump and other Republicans’ performance in key states, delivering another body blow to public trust...

The USPS Didn’t Actually Fail To Deliver 300,000 选票. Here’s What We Know.

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["Nathan Howard/Getty Images A mail handler unloads pallets filled with Washington and Oregon mail-in ballots at a U.S. Postal Service processing and distribution center on Oct. 14, 2020, in Portland, Oregon. As the c...

‘HairsprayStar Nikki Blonsky Is A ‘Proud Gay Woman.Here’s Why She Came Out Now.

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["Courtesy of Nikki Blonsky \"I learned that everyone ends up coming out in their own way, in their own time, and we each embark on a different journey to get there.\" I grew up on Long Island, which is filled with al...

I Want To Be Happy For My Pregnant Friends, But Sometimes It’s A Struggle. 这就是为什么.

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["Aliseenko via Getty Images One of the last social gatherings I attended before COVID-19 disrupted our lives was a baby shower for one of my dear friends who was pregnant with her first child. Baby showers are alway...

So Your Favorite Children’s Books Didn’t Age Well. Here’s What You Can Do About It.

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[]["Many parents love reading with their kids; it’s a bonding experience — one that promotes learning and a love of storytelling.But what happens when you’re reading a beloved favorite from childhood with your kids on...

It’s 2020 And I’m Still Being Called ‘Exotic.Here’s Why It’s Not A Compliment.

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["Courtesy of Ariane Resnick The author I’m not someone who has ever fit well into boxes. 对于一个, I’m a femme-presenting queer woman who’s usually presumed to be straight. For another, my inherent physical features e...

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