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I Began Taking Prozac. Here’s What It Taught My Conservative Family About Mental Health.

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["Courtesy of Stacia Datskovska The author. In May I found myself curled up on the kitchen floor ― numb and crying. My mom stood beside me begging for me to stop. Eventually, when she realized I wouldn’t respond, she ...

Here’s Where The Term ‘Lame DuckComes From

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[]["Tasos Katopodis via Getty ImagesAfter losing to Joe Biden, Donald Trump is considered a \"lame duck\" president.Following the election of former Vice President Joe Biden, President Donald Trump is in the “lame duc...

I Started Writing Porn During The Pandemic. Here’s How It Changed My Life.

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["Oscar Wong via Getty Images \"When I started this journey, I considered myself a writer. Now I realize I’m also a businesswoman.\" The lockdown began in Montreal on March 12. I was already in a state of personal cri...

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