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40 Hilarious Tweets About Self-Checkout

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[]["Self-checkout has changed the in-store shopping game. For some, it’s a helpful convenience that reduces the need to interact with people and allows for petty theft (joking!). For others, it’s a confusing, misfunct...

Anthony Mackie Shares Hilarious Story About Meeting Chadwick Boseman

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["Chadwick Boseman was a hero on and off camera, and in true Marvel fashion, his friendship with one fellow Avenger has a pretty hilarious origin story. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Marvel co-star...

Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon Gets Gobbled Up In Hilarious ‘Photoshop Battle’

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["Redditors gobbled up President Donald Trump’s pardoning of a turkey in the annual White House Thanksgiving tradition on Tuesday. A “Photoshop Battle” broke out over one particular image of the outgoing president wit...

Donald Trump’s Tiny-Looking Desk Is Now A Hilarious ‘Photoshop Battle

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["That viral picture of President Donald Trump sat at a tiny-looking desk during his Thanksgiving press conference on Thursday initially became a meme. Nou, the widely mocked snap has sparked a frenzied “Photoshop Bat...

Net 23 Skreeusnaakse grappies oor Nevada se uiters stadige telling van stembriewe

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["Nevada kan Joe Biden se aas in die gat wees. Maar ongelukkig, dit neem die Silwerstaat verskriklik baie tyd om al sy stembriewe vir die te tel 2020 presidensiële verkiesing — wat veroorsaak dat baie, wel, doen 'n verskeidenheid ...

Parents Share 35 Hilarious Names Kids Call Everyday Things

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[]["Children may not have fully mastered the ins and outs of the English language, but they certainly offer some original takes on it. In fact, some of their malapropisms and creative turns of phrase are arguably bett...

These KidsDrawings Of Covid Are Genuinely Hilarious

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[]["It can be hard to explain what COVID-19 is to young kids. Dus, as part of a UK-based project, kids have been channelling their creative sides as a way to show what they think the coronavirus looks like. And in one ...