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Jennifer Garner Hilariously Recreates ‘AliasBikini Scene In Video She Promised Not To Post

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["Agent Sydney Bristow is reporting for duty 18 years later in pandemic-appropriate footwear. Just like the rest of us, Jennifer Garner has some extra time on her hands, so what better way to spend it than recreating...

凯瑟琳·海格尔对哈利·斯泰尔斯的活泼含义做出了滑稽的反应’ 歌曲

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["Katherine Heigl 在周二分享了一段看似甜蜜的家庭视频后,对系统感到有些震惊. “实习医生格蕾”校友发布了一段她丈夫的片段, 歌手乔什·凯利, 和他们的女儿...

Comedian Sarah Cooper Hilariously Skewers Trump Camp’s Absurd Ballot Challenges

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["Popular TikTok comedian Sarah Cooper posed as a ditzy Donald Trump campaign lawyer in her latest video Monday, challenging three Democratic votes for President-elect Joe Biden because they had “chocolate sauce” on t...

Pennsylvania AG’s Son Hilariously Photobombs Dad’s Live TV Interview

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["Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro was explaining Donald Trump’s failure to interfere with ballots during a live TV interview at his home Friday when his son accidentally wandered into camera range with his ...

Leslie Jones Hilariously Compares Donald Trump To Top 40 Radio

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["Comedian Leslie Jones said Wednesday that President Donald Trump is like a Top 40-playing radio station. (观看下面的剪辑。) Jones watched Trump baselessly claim that the rightful counting of legal mail-in votes...

Candace Owens Hilariously Botches Her Elect-Trump Plea On ‘Tucker Carlson

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["Conservative commentator Candace Owens was on a fearmongering roll Monday about how the “radical left” is “gonna come for you” and “move into the suburbs.” Owens, on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, seemed to buy int...

Hilariously Grim New Halloween Traditions Emerge In ‘The Tonight ShowHashtags

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["“The Tonight Show” called on viewers to answer the hashtag #NewHalloweenTraditions, and they came through in the most 2020 way possible. Host Jimmy Fallon read the best of the responses on Thursday, calling this one...