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Not Even Boba Fett Himself Knows The Answer To This ‘Star WarsMystery

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["You may find this (sar)lack of knowledge disturbing. The return of Boba Fett in “The Mandalorian: Chapter 14” had “Star Wars” fans rejoicing last Friday, but with the bounty hunter’s apparent death in the sarlacc pi...

Trevor Noah Imagines The Vainglorious Way Donald Trump May Try To Pardon Himself

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["Trevor Noah isn’t sure if Donald Trump will actually be able to pardon himself before leaving office, as the president has reportedly considered. But “The Daily Show” host sure wants the outgoing leader of the free ...

Sean Hannity Says Trump ‘Needs To PardonHimself And His ‘Whole Family

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["President Donald Trump “needs to pardon his whole family and himself” as he walks “out the door” of the White House, Fox News host Sean Hannity said on his radio show Monday. “I assume that the power of the pardon i...

Jeffrey Toobin Fired From The New Yorker For Exposing Himself On Zoom Call

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["The New Yorker fired staff writer Jeffrey Toobin on Wednesday after he reportedly exposed his private parts during a Zoom meeting last month. Toobin announced the termination publicly via Twitter. I was fired today ...

Trump Refused To Meet With Captain America Himself, Chris Evans

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["Apparently, there’s one person who won’t assemble for Captain America. Op Donderdag, “Avengers” actor Chris Evans joined “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to talk about his political website, A Starting Point, which he launched in...

The New Yorker Suspends Jeffrey Toobin For Exposing Himself During Zoom Call

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["The New Yorker has suspended staff writer Jeffrey Toobin after he reportedly exposed himself during a Zoom meeting last week. According to a story first posted by Vice, Toobin’s transgression occurred during a virtu...