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45 Snaakse vakansie groetekaartjies wat saamvat 2020

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[]["Ons het dit gemaak deur middel van pandemie danksegging, Halloween, Moedersdag en meer. Nou sluit ons die jaar af met die Desembervakansie - 2020 styl. Baie kunstenaars het 'n snaakse en betroubare Kersfees geskep..

Delicious Winter Beverages To Toast To The Holiday Season

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[]["RYOT StudioToasting to the holidays is among the most festive ways to celebrate the season, with cozy cocktails and drinks taking center stage. From comforting eggnog to the fun fizzle of champagne, there’s no sho...

Kayleigh McEnany Defends White House Holiday Parties Amid COVID Surge

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["Coronavirus infections and hospitalizations are surging to record highs, but President Donald Trump will carry on with White House holiday gatherings as usual, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Wednesday. Her co...

Kersvader is basies Donald Trump in hierdie vakansie-advertensie

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["Kersvader dra 'n rooi hoed, Twitter-ranting, ontkenning van klimaatkrisis, selferkende “kwaai wit man” in 'n nuwe vakansie-advertensie vir die Noorse posdiens. Klink bekend? President Donald Trump Father Christm...

Melania Trump Really Hates Christmas In ‘KimmelSpoof Of White House Holiday Video

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["Melania Trump’s lucky she only has one Christmas remaining at the White House, because it doesn’t look like her leaked comments about her holiday tasks will be forgotten anytime soon. The first lady attempted to sho...

Here’s Your 2020 Christmas Playlist With The Best New Holiday Tunes

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["Sick of the same old Christmas songs, over and over and over again? This holiday season is already shaping up to be a banner year for original tunes, from big names and indie artists alike. Dolly Parton took time...

How We Became The First Real-Life Gay Couple In A Starbucks Holiday Ad — And Why It Matters

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["Courtesy of Travis Grossi The author, links, with his partner David. “Want to audition for a Starbucks commercial with me?” I asked my partner, Dawid, after I had finished setting up the tripod in our living room. “...

How To Deal With Grief If It’s Your First Holiday Without A Loved One

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[]["For the families and close friends of the more than 257,000 Americans who’ve died of COVID-19 this year, getting through the holidays may be the biggest hurdle yet. Melissa Wherry, an art instructor in New Jersey,...

How The Coronavirus Is Changing Holiday Plans Across The U.S.

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["For much of the U.S. this year, the holidays will look anything but normal, a new HuffPost/YouGov survey of registered voters finds. More than half of respondents, 56%, say they’re expecting the upcoming holiday sea...

‘Dolly Parton’s Christmas On The SquareIs, Wel, A Very Quirky Holiday Musical

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["Illustrasie: Ivylise Simones/HuffPost; Foto's; Getty Images, Netflix Every moment is Dolly Parton’s moment, but it’s never been more true than this week. She’s not only funding the development of a new COVID-19 vac...

Hier is die hartseer & Snaakse vakansiegeskenke wat werknemers eintlik sou wou kry

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[]["Prasert Krainukul via Getty Images Alhoewel sommige werkgewers kreatief raak met uitgebreide vakansiegeskenke tydens COVID-19, kontant is steeds die beste ding wat 'n werkgewer kan gee.Om op te maak vir 'n helse jaar van lewe...

White House Plans In-Person Holiday Parties As COVID-19 Cases Rise

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["The White House plans to host its annual Hanukkah reception next month, even as coronavirus cases are on the rise around the country. The reception is scheduled for 3 p.m. on Dec. 9, according to a copy of the invit...

Watch How Companies Tackle 2020’s Big C-Word In This Year’s Holiday Ads

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["This year’s holiday ads are a perfect antidote to the year from hell. And one way or another, they find ways to address the big C-word of 2020: coronavirus. In a year dominated by the pandemic, some businesses tackl...

Which Airlines Are Blocking Middle Seats During Holiday Travel?

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[]["tonefotografia via Getty ImagesHere's what American, Southwest, United, Delta and JetBlue are doing differently during COVID-19. If you’re traveling by plane for the holidays this year, your top concern should be ...

People Really, Really Don’t Want A Company Holiday Party This Year

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[]["AleksandarNakic via Getty ImagesDuring the pandemic, it's time to break away from the tradition of company holiday parties and give employees what they actually want.’Tis the season for canceling or moving holiday...

Why Getting A COVID-19 Test Isn’t Enough To Have A Safe Holiday

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[]["Figuring out how to safely see family or friends over the holidays isn’t going to be an easy feat this year. You could take the safest route and strictly quarantine for two weeks before going indoors with others, ...

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