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Kayleigh McEnany verdedig Withuis-vakansiepartytjies te midde van COVID-oplewing

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["Koronavirusinfeksies en hospitalisasies styg tot rekordhoogtepunte, maar president Donald Trump sal soos gewoonlik voortgaan met vakansiebyeenkomste in die Withuis, Kayleigh McEnany, perssekretaris, Woensdag gesê. Haar mede...

‘Lord Of The RingsCast, Experts Form Fellowship To Buy House Of J.R.R. Tolkien

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["Cast members from “The Lord of the Rings” have once again come together in a fellowship, but this time, it’s not to throw an ancient ring into the fiery pits of Mordor — it’s to purchase the home of Middle-earth cre...

House Passes Historic Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

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["Die VSA. House of Representatives on Friday voted to federally decriminalize marijuana, marking the first time either chamber of Congress has voted to end federal prohibition of the drug. The Democrat-controlled Hou...

Pfizer Declines Invitation To White House ‘Vaccine Summit

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["Pfizer and Moderna, two pharmaceutical companies that have developed promising COVID-19 vaccines, will not participate in a “vaccine summit” Tuesday at the White House that touted the participation of private sector...

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