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它的. Kelly Loeffler’s Husband Bought Stock In Sectors Set To Benefit From Then-Secret Bill

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["ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler faces a runoff election in January that will help determine control of the U.S. Senate for the next two years. In mid-March, with the American e...

今天的鲍比·托马斯’ 丈夫去世后,显示股票令人心碎的建议 42

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["“今日”节目撰稿人鲍比托马斯周日哀悼她丈夫去世后“一切都将不再正常”, 并敦促人们尽可能地欣赏他们所拥有的爱. “带着所有的恐惧, 愤怒, ...

卡玛拉·哈里斯 (Kamala Harris) 透露丈夫的官方绰号, 和她个人的

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["副总统选民Kamala Harris透露了她的丈夫, 道格·恩霍夫, 将被正式解决. CNN 的杰克·塔珀 (Jake Tapper) 在对哈里斯的广泛采访中问哈里斯 Emhoff 的官方绰号是什么 ...

Douglas Emhoff, Kamala HarrisHusband, Leaves Job At Law Firm

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["十一月 10 (路透社) - Douglas Emhoff, the husband of U.S. Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, will leave his job at one of the country’s largest law firms by January to focus on supporting the incoming Biden administra...