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Biden’s Daily Intel Briefings Remind Us That Trump Hardly Bothered With Them

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["President-elect Joe Biden said Tuesday that he will begin receiving the President’s Daily Brief — a return to routine for a country that, for four years, has been run by a president who has refused to listen to inte...

Intel Officers ‘TerrifiedOf Briefing Trump On Russia Because He Would ‘Explode’: Verslag

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["Intelligence officers in charge of briefing President Donald Trump on threats against the nation are reportedly “terrified” of speaking to him about Russia out of fear of how the president will react. “No one’s goin...

More Than 50 Former Intel Officials Say Hunter Biden Smear Smells Like Russia

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["A coalition of former intelligence officials issued a joint letter condemning a recent smear campaign against Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, saying it appeared to have the hallma...