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Federal Judge Strikes Down Trump Rule To Cut Food Benefits Amid Pandemic

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["(Reuters) — A U.S. federal judge has struck down a Trump administration rule that would have cut food stamp benefits to almost 700,000 unemployed Americans amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, court documents showed. The j...

Judge Blocks Justice Department’s Bid To Shield Trump From Rape Defamation Lawsuit

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["NEW YORK (AP) — A federal judge on Tuesday denied President Donald Trump’s request that he be replaced as the defendant in a defamation lawsuit alleging he raped a woman in a Manhattan department store in the 1990s....

Michigan Judge Blocks Ban On Open Carry Of Guns At Polling Places

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["A Michigan judge struck down a rule on Tuesday that banned the open carry of firearms at polling places on Election Day, siding with gun rights groups. Judge Christopher Murray, who serves on the Michigan Court of C...

Illinois Judge Approves Extradition Of Kyle Rittenhouse To Wisconsin

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["WAUKEGAN, Ill. (AP) — An Illinois judge on Friday ordered a 17-year-old accused of killing two demonstrators in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to be extradited across the border to stand trial on homicide charges. The ruling c...

Judge Rejects Trump Appointee’s Attempt To Keep Band Member Jailed Over Photo Shoot

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["A federal judge in Tennessee on Friday rejected a federal prosecutor’s attempt to keep a bassist locked up in jail for months over a photo shoot for his anarcho-punk band, telling an assistant U.S. attorney that the...

Federale regter beveel USPS om 'buitengewone maatreëls te versterk’ Stembriewe af te lewer

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["WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Die VSA. posdiens (USPS) moet senior bestuurders daaraan herinner dat hulle sy beleid oor “buitengewone maatreëls” moet volg en sy Express Mail Network moet gebruik om stembriewe voor Dinsdag se president te bespoedig..

Federal Judge Rejects Republican Bid To Toss Out 127,000 Ballots In Texas

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["Nov 2 (Reuters) - A Republican bid to toss 127,000 ballots from drive-through voting in Texas’s largest county was rejected by a U.S. judge on Monday. (Reporting by Gary McWilliams; Editing by Chizu Nomiyama) []

Judge Wants Postmaster General To Answer Questions On Delay In Ballot Sweep

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["WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. judge on Wednesday said Postmaster General Louis DeJoy must answer questions about why the U.S. Postal Service failed to complete a court-ordered sweep for undelivered ballots in about ...

Judge Rejects Moving Trial Of Ex-Officers In George Floyd’s Death

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["MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A judge on Thursday rejected defense requests to move the trial of four former Minneapolis police officers charged in George Floyd’s death, and also ordered that all four will be tried together in...

Judge Denies Bond For Father, Son Charged In Ahmaud Arbery Murder

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["SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — A Georgia judge denied bond Friday for the father and son charged with murder in the slaying of Ahmaud Arbery, saying he’s concerned the white men took the law into their own hands and endangere...

Judge Rules DHS Head Didn’t Have Authority To Suspend DACA

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["NEW YORK (AP) — A federal judge in New York ruled Saturday that Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf assumed his position unlawfully, a determination that invalidated Wolf’s suspension of the D...

Judge Delays Execution Of Only Woman On Federal Death Row

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["Handout/Reuters Lawyers for Lisa M. Montgomery — the only woman on federal death row — have not been able to prepare her clemency application because they are sick with COVID-19. A federal judge has temporarily stay...

Judge Brutally Dismisses Rudy Giuliani’s Attempt To Disenfranchise Pa. Kiesers

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["A federal judge dismissed the Trump campaign’s attempt to steal the election in Pennsylvania on Saturday, calling out Rudy Giuliani’s attempt to “disenfranchise almost 7 million voters” based on zero actual evidence...

Regter in die Verenigde Koninkryk ontken Johnny Depp toestemming om teen lasterbeslissing te appelleer

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["LONDEN (AP) - 'n Regter het Johnny Depp toestemming geweier om te appelleer teen 'n Britse hof se uitspraak dat hy eksvrou Amber Heard aangerand het. Vroeër hierdie maand het 'n regter van die hooggeregshof Depp se bewering dat 'n koerant....

Venezuelan Judge Convicts 6 American Oil Executives On Corruption Charges

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["Ariana Cubillos/Associated Press Jesus Loreto, an attorney representing Tomeu Vadell, one of six U.S. oil executives jailed for three years in Venezuela, shows a letter written by Vadell in Caracas, Venezuela, on No...

Federal Judge Rejects Trump Rules Limiting Foreign Worker Visas

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["CHICAGO (AP) — A federal judge on Tuesday struck down two Trump administration rules designed to drastically curtail the number of visas issued each year to skilled foreign workers. The changes applying to the H-1B ...

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