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司法部调查“贿赂赦免计划”’ 正如特朗普竞选时, 法庭揭露

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["ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP 通过 Getty Images 总统唐纳德特朗普正在竞选连任,因为该计划正在接受调查, 法庭记录显示. 司法部花了几个月的时间调查“布里....

司法部悄悄停止对塔米尔赖斯案的调查: 报告

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["司法部实际上停止了对这起案件的民权调查。 2014 警察杀害塔米尔赖斯, 克利夫兰的一个 12 岁黑人男孩, 据《纽约时报》报道. The DOJ brought to a halt its ...

In Deep Red Tennessee, Senate Candidate Marquita Bradshaw Talks Environmental Justice

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["ASSOCIATED PRESS The effects of pollution on her neighborhood in South Memphis, 田纳西州, fueled Marquita Bradshaw's commitment to environmental justice at a young age. the Democrat hopes to ride her focus on envir...


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["纽约 (美联社) —周二,一位联邦法官否认唐纳德·特朗普总统的要求,要求他在诽谤诉讼中被替换为被告,指控他在1990年代在曼哈顿一家百货商店强奸了一名妇女。.

Justice Kagan Says Supreme Court ‘FailedTo Protect Voters Amid Pandemic

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["Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan slammed the court’s decision not to extend the deadline to receive mail-in ballots in Wisconsin and said it would “disenfranchise” voters in a pandemic. In a Monday ruling, the Sup...

我们. Justice Department To File Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google: 报告

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["ASSOCIATED PRESS (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File) 华盛顿 (路透社) - 美国. Justice Department is expected to file an antitrust lawsuit against Alphabet Inc’s Google on Tuesday for allegedly breaking the law ...