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PETA: Costco Will No Longer Sell Coconut Milk Made With Forced Monkey Labor

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["Costco is the latest retailer to stop selling coconut milk allegedly made with forced monkey labor in Thailand, according to the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA said that the bi...

Organized Labor Helped Boost Biden In Critical Battlegrounds

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["Trece Andrews spent the last three months phone-banking and sometimes canvassing for Joe Biden in Michigan. The nursing home worker focused her efforts on Detroit residents and fellow members of the Service Employee...

Labor Unions Hope For A Turnaround Under A Joe Biden Presidency

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["Four years ago, Donald Trump fashioned himself a president for union workers. But once he occupied the White House, Trump only made life harder for organized labor ― through the Supreme Court, through the National L...

Uber, Lyft Are Spending Millions To Fight Labor Protections For Their Workers

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["Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/ HuffPost; Photos: Getty About a year ago, Steve Smith stood outside a press conference at a hotel in Sacramento where Uber, Lyft and DoorDash announced plans to spend millions on a stat...