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Wisconsin High Court Declines To Hear Trump Election Lawsuit

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["MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A divided Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday refused to hear President Donald Trump’s lawsuit attempting to overturn his loss to Democrat Joe Biden in the battleground state, sidestepping a dec...

Ivanka Trump Deposed As Part Of Inauguration Donor Funds Lawsuit

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["워싱턴 (AP) — Ivanka Trump has been deposed by attorneys alleging that President Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration committee misused donor funds, a new court filing reveals. The document, first reported by CNN We...

Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit Challenging Wisconsin Election Results

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["MADISON, Wis. (AP) — President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit Tuesday in Wisconsin seeking to disqualify hundreds of thousands of ballots in a longshot attempt to overturn Democrat Joe Biden’s win in the battleground ...

Parents Of Seth Rich Settle Lawsuit With Fox News

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["The parents of Seth Rich, a staffer for the Democratic National Committee whose death became the fodder for right-wing conspiracy theories, reached an undisclosed settlement with Fox News on Tuesday. Mary and Joel R...

2 몬태나주 국경순찰대 소송에서 스페인어로 구금된 여성들

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["헬레나, 몽. (AP) — 미국에 의해 북부 몬태나에 억류된 두 여성. 편의점에서 쇼핑할 때 스페인어로 말하는 관세국경보호청 직원이 미공개 금전적 합의에 도달했다..

GM Drops Support For Trump Administration Lawsuit Against California Clean-Air Standards

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["DETROIT (AP) — General Motors says it will no longer support the Trump administration in legal efforts to end California’s right to set its own clean-air standards. CEO Mary Barra said in a letter Monday to environm...

Trump Campaign Attorneys Move To Withdraw From Pennsylvania Election Lawsuit — Again

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["All three attorneys representing President Donald Trump’s campaign in its federal lawsuit in Pennsylvania filed a motion on Monday to withdraw from the case seeking to stop the certification of the state’s election ...

Pennsylvania Officials Ask Judge To Toss Trump’s Election Lawsuit

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["워싱턴, 11월 12 (로이터) - Officials in the battleground state of Pennsylvania on Thursday asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit brought by U.S. President Donald Trump’s campaign seeking to prevent the stat...

Trump Campaign’s Libel Lawsuit Against CNN Gets Dismissed

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["워싱턴, 11월 12 (로이터) - A U.S. judge dismissed on Thursday a libel lawsuit filed by President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign against CNN over its publication of a 2019 opinion piece, according to a court...

Judge Blocks Justice Department’s Bid To Shield Trump From Rape Defamation Lawsuit

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["NEW YORK (AP) — A federal judge on Tuesday denied President Donald Trump’s request that he be replaced as the defendant in a defamation lawsuit alleging he raped a woman in a Manhattan department store in the 1990s....

Lincoln Project Attorney Scorches Lawsuit Threat Over Ivanka, Jared Billboards

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["Noam Galai via Getty Images The Lincoln Project billboards in Times Square skewer Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner's indifference to American COVID-19 deaths amid the failed policy of the Trump administration....

우리를. Justice Department To File Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google: 보고서

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["ASSOCIATED PRESS (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File) 워싱턴 (로이터) - 미국. Justice Department is expected to file an antitrust lawsuit against Alphabet Inc’s Google on Tuesday for allegedly breaking the law ...