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백인 복음주의 지도자들은 신학교에서 조직적 인종차별에 대한 핵심 이론을 가르치지 않을 것이라고 맹세합니다

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["6개 남침례교 신학교의 총장은 학자들이 미국에서 조직적 인종차별이 어떻게 지속되는지 조사하기 위해 개발한 핵심 방법을 강력하게 비난했습니다.. 지도자들, 누구의 신학교에서 교육을 ...

Democratic Leaders Embrace Bipartisan COVID-19 Relief Deal Framework

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["House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-캘리포니아) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (디-뉴.) said Congress should craft its next response to the coronavirus pandemic based on the framework that a bipartisan working group...

Foreign Leaders Plan For Trump-Fueled Chaos In The U.S.

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["After most U.S. elections, foreign officials have a set procedure: They watch as one candidate concedes defeat and the other declares victory, and then they congratulate the victor. This year is more complicated. NS...

Over 1,000 Faith Leaders Call For A ‘Free And Fair Election

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["워싱턴 (AP) — More than 1,000 clergy members, religious scholars and other faith-based advocates have signed onto a unique statement that supports a comprehensive path to “a free and fair election” and urges lea...