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States Scramble To Curb COVID-19 Without National Leadership

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["NEW YORK (로이터) - Individual U.S. states scrambled on Sunday to impose lockdowns to stem coronavirus spikes amid a lack of national leadership on how to curb infections until vaccines are widely available in the ...

Mitt Romney Blasts Trump For ‘HeartbreakingLoss Of Life Caused By Poor Leadership

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["Mitt Romney on Thursday decried the “great human tragedy” that has resulted from Donald Trump’s lack of leadership during the coronavirus pandemic and criticized fellow Republicans for politicizing mask-wearing. “Th...

Dianne Feinstein Won’t Seek Senate Judiciary Leadership After Backlash

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["그것의. Dianne Feinstein (Calif.) said Monday that she will not seek a leadership position in any of the chamber’s committees next year, including the coveted Senate Judiciary Committee where she currently serves as th...