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Former Stanford Colleagues Cheer Scott Atlas Leaving White House Task Force

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["博士. Scott Atlas resigned from the White House coronavirus task force on Monday after months of advocating against social distancing policies and disputing the medical consensus around COVID-19. A frequent Fox News g...


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["福克斯新闻主持人塔克卡尔森周一向观众保证,在社交媒体发布虚假帖子后,他不会离开右翼有线电视频道。. (请看下面的视频。) “整个周末, 我们有很多 ca...

Trump Administration Moves To Freeze Wages For Farmworkers Before Leaving Office

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["The Trump administration is moving ahead with a federal rule that would freeze pay for many agricultural guest workers for the next two years, even as they remain essential personnel during a pandemic. The new regu...

‘That’s Enough.’ ’60 MinutesAirs Footage Of Trump Abruptly Leaving Interview

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["“60 Minutes” aired footage on Sunday of President Donald Trump abruptly ending an interview with the network after host Lesley Stahl asked a series of questions about his response to the COVID-19 pandemic and his us...