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In Another Legal Blow To Trump, Pa. Supreme Court Tosses Suit Challenging Mail-In Ballots

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["Pennsylvania’s highest court dismissed a lawsuit on Saturday from U.S. 대표. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) and other Republicans who’d sought to challenge the legitimacy of the approximately 2.5 million mail-in ballots cast in ...

Twitter Critics Can’t Even: Trump Reportedly Blames Legal Team For Making Him Look Bad

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["Critics who love to mock Donald Trump went bonkers over an NBC News report Monday that the president is complaining his legal team is made up of “fools making him look bad,” according to sources. Trump was reportedl...

Chris Christie Tears Into Trump’s Legal Team: ‘A National Embarrassment

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["Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Sunday blasted President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s win, calling Trump’s legal team “a national embarrassment.” Christie, a Republican and...

Election Updates: Trump Campaign Faces Major Legal Setbacks; Biden Wins Certified

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["President Donald Trump continues to deny that President-elect Joe Biden won the election, more than two weeks after Biden delivered his victory speech. Trump’s legal team, headed by Rudy Giuliani, has suffered sever...

GOP Enabling Trump As His Legal Challenges Are Becoming Limited

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["워싱턴 (AP) — Republicans in Congress are engaged in a risky but calculated bet that once President Donald Trump has exhausted his legal challenges to the election, he will come to grips with his loss to Preside...

Rudy Giuliani Reportedly Demanded A Hefty Price For His Trump Legal Work

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["Rudy Giuliani is denying he has at least 20,000 daily reasons to oversee all of President Donald Trump’s failed court challenges to overturn the election that Joe Biden won two weeks ago. According to The New York T...

Lindsey Graham은 조지아 공무원에게 법적 투표를 하도록 압력을 가한 사실을 부인합니다.

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["그것의. 린지 그레이엄 (R-S.C.) 그가 조지아의 국무장관에게 합법적인 투표용지를 폐기할 방법을 찾도록 압력을 가했다는 주장을 부인했습니다., 월요일 기자들에게 그들의 대화를 그렇게 해석하는 것은 "어리석다"고 말합니다..

Cuomo Bashes Trump, Threatens Legal Action For Equal Access To COVID-19 Vaccine

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["정부. Andrew Cuomo tore into Donald Trump on Sunday after the president’s threat to hold up COVID-19 vaccine distribution to his state — and warned he’s prepared to sue for equal access for New Yorkers. “I’ve tried t...

Biden Campaign Considers Legal Action Over Delay In Recognizing Transition

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["윌밍턴, 의. (로이터) - President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team is considering legal action over a federal agency’s delay in recognizing the Democrat’s victory over President Donald Trump in last week’s ele...

Trump Launches Furious, Baseless Legal Assault As His Chances Of Victory Diminish

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["As his path to victory continues to evaporate, President Donald Trump is moving to stop key swing states from counting absentee ballots by filing legal challenges that could drag on the election even if Democratic o...

Democratic, Republican Legal Armies Ready If Cloudy Election Outcome Heads To Court

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["워싱턴 (AP) — Signature matches. Late-arriving absentee votes. Drop boxes. Secrecy envelopes. Democratic and Republican lawyers already have gone to court over these issues in the run-up to Tuesday’s election. B...

How States Are Laying The Groundwork To Abolish Legal Abortion

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["With Amy Coney Barrett’s ascension to the Supreme Court, the future of Roe v. Wade — the landmark decision establishing the constitutional right to an abortion — appears less certain than ever. If Roe falls, the le...

Donald Trump Gave The Conservative Legal Movement Everything They Ever Wanted

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["에 2016, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (알키.) made a cynical gambit: Instead of allowing President Barack Obama to fill a seat left open on the Supreme Court by Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, he refused t...

Brett Kavanaugh Just Endorsed A Radical Legal Theory That Could Cause Election Chaos

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["The five conservatives on the Supreme Court affirmed an appeals court ruling overturning a decision that would have extended Wisconsin’s mail-in ballot receipt deadline by six days. Absentee ballots in Wisconsin now...

Fox News Legal Analyst Links His Downed Wi-Fi To Biden, Gets Mercilessly Mocked

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["Twitter users went to town on Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett on Friday after he appeared to suggest there was some nefarious link between his imminent filing of a column criticizing Democratic nominee Joe Bide...

Trump And Biden Lawyers Bracing For White House Legal Battle

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["워싱턴 (AP) — President Donald Trump’s and Democratic rival Joe Biden’s campaigns are assembling armies of powerful lawyers for the possibility that the race for the White House is decided not at the ballot box ...