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Don Lemon Has A Simple Solution To One Of Donald Trump’s Favorite Rally Gripes

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["CNN’s Don Lemon had some “real talk” for Donald Trump after airing a montage of the president whining about having to attend reelection rallies. On Wednesday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” Lemon offered Trump a simp...

Don Lemon bevraagteken CNN se keuse om Trump 'propaganda te lug nie’ Toespraak

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["CNN se Don Lemon bevraagteken sy eie netwerk se keuse om 'n toespraak uit te saai wat president Donald Trump Dinsdag by sy veldtog se hoofkwartier in Virginia gelewer het terwyl kiesers nog besig was om hul stembriewe uit te bring, bel die pres...

Don Lemon Shines A Light On The Election Lies Spread By Donald Trump’s Adult Children

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["CNN’s Don Lemon on Wednesday highlighted the misinformation that has been spread by President Donald Trump’s adult children in the wake of their father’s projected election defeat. The “CNN Tonight” host noted how D...