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Leslie Jones Hilariously Compares Donald Trump To Top 40 Radio

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["Comedian Leslie Jones said Wednesday that President Donald Trump is like a Top 40-playing radio station. (Kyk die snit hieronder.) Jones watched Trump baselessly claim that the rightful counting of legal mail-in votes...

Leslie Odom Jr. Sings ‘HamiltonHit ‘Wait For ItIn Election Patience Plea

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["“Hamilton” star Leslie Odom Jr. has an Election Day message for anxious Americans wanting quick results: “Wait For It.” (Watch the video below.) That also happens to be the title of Odom’s hit song from the musical....

New Images Reveal Javicia Leslie As An Unapologetically Black Batwoman

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["Actor Javicia Leslie unveiled the first glimpse at her new getup for the CW series “Batwoman” on Monday, showcasing a red-streaked Afro and a brightened-up suit for the first Black woman behind the cape and cowl. B...