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Leslie Jones Hilariously Compares Donald Trump To Top 40 Radio

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["Comedian Leslie Jones said Wednesday that President Donald Trump is like a Top 40-playing radio station. (Watch the clip below.) Jones watched Trump baselessly claim that the rightful counting of legal mail-in votes...

New Images Reveal Javicia Leslie As An Unapologetically Black Batwoman

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["Actor Javicia Leslie unveiled the first glimpse at her new getup for the CW series “Batwoman” on Monday, showcasing a red-streaked Afro and a brightened-up suit for the first Black woman behind the cape and cowl. B...

Leslie Odom Jr. Sings ‘HamiltonHit ‘Wait For ItIn Election Patience Plea

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["“Hamilton” star Leslie Odom Jr. has an Election Day message for anxious Americans wanting quick results: “Wait For It.” (Watch the video below.) That also happens to be the title of Odom’s hit song from the musical....