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Election Loser Trump Should Quit And ‘Not Be Embarrassing’, Czech President Says

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["PRAGUE (Reuters) - Donald Trump would be wiser to acknowledge losing the U.S. presidential election and quit, Czech President Milos Zeman, an early Trump supporter, said on Thursday. Zeman, one of the few European p...

Thousands Rally In D.C. For Election Loser Donald Trump

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["Thousands of demonstrators swarmed Washington, D.C., on Saturday in a show of support for President Donald Trump, whose loss to President-elect Joe Biden was determined exactly one week ago. The “Million MAGA March”...

Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden Slams L-o-s-e-r Trump As ‘Saturday Night LiveAudience Goes Wild

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["Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden channeled Ace Ventura to skewer Donald Trump with a drawn out looooser dig in a “Saturday Night Live” cold open that was largely a celebration. It was a strange confluence of events with “SNL”...