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Ivanka twitta "Incredibile"’ Foto di Donald Trump a Mt. Rushmore. Twitter perde.

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["Ivanka Trump ha pubblicato lunedì una foto del presidente Donald Trump a Mount Rushmore. Twitter pensava che avesse dei sassi in testa. La figlia e consigliere del leader uscente ha chiamato la foto, che ha mostrato suo padre gr...

George Clooney Reveals He Cuts His Own Hair With A Flowbee, Reporter Loses It

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["Many people recently learned how to cut their own hair in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic. But George Clooney? He revealed this weekend that he’s been cutting his own hair for the past 25 anni. “The Midni...

Louisiana Evangelical Pastor Loses Again In Court Fight To End Virus Restrictions

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["A federal judge has thrown out a Louisiana pastor’s lawsuit seeking to worship without crowd-size restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, insisting that Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards’ attempts to curb the spre...

Trump’s Tweets Will Stop Getting Special Treatment If He Loses

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["President Donald Trump’s tweets will no longer be subject to special treatment if he loses the election to Democratic nominee Joe Biden, meaning his account ― which has racked up multiple misinformation warnings thi...

Trump Could ‘Put A Bullet Into The CountryIf He Loses, Warns Columnist Tom Friedman

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["President Donald Trump could savage America in vengeful in fury if he’s defeated at the polls, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman warned Monday. “If the president does lose, does contest the vote, does create ...