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Trump Loves Winning But Keeps Losing His Election Lawsuits

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["For a man obsessed with winning, President Donald Trump is losing a lot. He’s managed to lose not just once to Democrat Joe Biden at the ballot box but over and over again in courts across the country in a futile at...

Trump Has Appointed 2 White Nationalists To Government Roles Since Losing The Election

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["Fox News Darren J. Beattie, who was fired as a White House speechwriter after speaking at a white nationalist conference, announced Wednesday that Trump had appointed him to the Commission for the Preservation of Am...

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals ‘Delusional’ Trump’s Stages Of Grief After Losing The Election

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["Jimmy Kimmel says President Donald Trump’s having trouble coming to grips with the fact that he lost the election to President-elect Joe Biden. “He’s like a kid slowly realizing that nobody’s coming to his birthday...