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Vanderbilt se Sarah Fuller maak College Football Geskiedenis

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["Sarah Fuller, senior Vanderbilt Universiteit, het Saterdag geskiedenis gemaak, om die eerste vrou te word wat in 'n Power speel 5 sokker wedstryd. Die krag 5 verwys na die vyf grootste atletiese konferensies in universiteitsokker: die S...

Cori Bush Makes History Being Elected As Missouri’s First Black Congresswoman

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["Cori Bush made history Tuesday night. She won Missouri’s 1st Congressional District seat, making her the first Black woman elected to represent the state in Congress. The progressive congresswoman-elect was expecte...

Sarah McBride Makes History As First Openly Trans State Senator

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["Sarah McBride made history on Tuesday night when she became the highest-ranking openly trans official in America after winning a seat in Delaware’s state Senate. The 30-year-old Democrat defeated Republican Steve Wa...

Marco Rubio Makes A Very Poor GIF Choice To Predict How Florida Will Vote

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["Sy. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) got a severe Twitter roasting on Tuesday after he made a prediction about GOP voter turnout in Florida using a GIF of a literal blue wave. The Republican senator fired off an Election Day t...

Stephen Colbert Makes Final Election Appeal: Dump ‘Loser’ Trump

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["Stephen Colbert says you gotta do something about your boyfriend, America. Maandag, which happened to be the eve of Election Day, the “Late Show” host remained unusually calm. With the highly divisive presidential...

Time Magazine Makes History For What’s NOT On The Cover

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["Time magazine removed its large “TIME” logo from the cover for the first time ever to make a point. In advance of the Nov. 3 verkiesing, the publication replaced the logo with the word “VOTE” on its Nov. 2 issue. A wo...

CNN Fact-Checker Makes Blistering Conclusion About Donald Trump’s Dishonesty

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["CNN’s fact-checking reporter Daniel Dale showed how President Donald Trump’s “dishonesty is getting worse” in the final stretch of the 2020 verkiesing. Dale noted in an article for the CNN website Monday how Trump had...

Donald Trump Drops Money Into Church Collection Bucket And Twitter Makes Him Pay

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["President Donald Trump plunked what appeared to be a few $20 bills into the collection bucket at the International Church of Las Vegas on Sunday. And he did it with a bit of ceremony. He dug the cash out of his righ...