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MSNBC, 라시다 존스 사장 임명, 주요 케이블 뉴스 네트워크의 역사 만들기

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["MSNBC, 차기 회장으로 라시다 존스 지명, 그녀를 주요 일반 뉴스 케이블 네트워크를 운영하는 최초의 흑인 임원으로 만들었습니다., 월스트리트저널이 보도한. 존스, 현재 수석 부사장으로 재직 중인...

Meet The ‘Big SkyStar Who Is Making History In Breakout Nonbinary Role

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["After landing a breakout role on “Big Sky,” Jesse James Keitel spent a great deal of time grappling with the idea that their performance would provide much-needed visibility that could mean “life or death for someon...

Twitter Critics Can’t Even: Trump Reportedly Blames Legal Team For Making Him Look Bad

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["Critics who love to mock Donald Trump went bonkers over an NBC News report Monday that the president is complaining his legal team is made up of “fools making him look bad,” according to sources. Trump was reportedl...

California Votes To Exempt Uber, Lyft From Law Making Drivers Employees

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["Californians voted to approve Proposition 22, which allows Uber, Lyft and other app-based companies to classify their drivers as contractors rather than as employees who would get benefits and labor protections. NS...