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Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo Attacks The Media And People Can’t Believe The Hypocrisy

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["Fox News host Maria Bartiromo ― fresh from allowing President Donald Trump to spew election misinformation unchecked on her show at the weekend ― on Monday accused the media of taking a side. And folks on Twitter co...

‘BoratCostar Maria Bakalova Reveals What Happened In That Room With Rudy Giuliani

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["Maria Bakalova, the scene-stealing costar of the new “Borat” film, told The New York Times that she was glad actor Sacha Baron Cohen interrupted the now-infamous hotel-room moment with former New York Mayor Rudy Giu...

Maria Bakalova Feared Her ‘Borat 2Audition Was Human Trafficking Scheme

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["“Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” star Maria Bakalova said she feared her video audition for the hit sequel was “something sketchy.” In a conversation on “The Late Late Show” Monday, Bakalova recalled the early part of t...