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Matthew McConaughey Reveals He Wanted To Play Hulk But Got Shut Down

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["It seems like a natural fit: After all, who goes shirtless more than Matthew McConaughey? But on a recent episode of the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, the actor revealed that his dreams of playing Marvel’s Hulk were...

Jennifer Garner On How ‘SweetMatthew McConaughey Kept Her From Quitting Acting

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["Jennifer Garner was on the brink of leaving acting behind for good until Matthew McConaughey convinced her otherwise. The “Alias” alum, who’s starred alongside the actor in two projects ― “Ghosts of Girlfriends Pas...

Matthew McConaughey Says One Of His Most Famous Rom-Coms Is ‘Teed UpFor A Sequel

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["Matthew McConaughey was ― at one point in his career ― the undisputed king of rom-coms. So much so that transitioning to more serious roles later in his profession took some tough choices ― including turning down a...

Could Matthew Perry’s Confirmation Of His Engagement BE Any Cuter?

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["Oh. My. God. “Friends” star Matthew Perry is engaged to his long-term girlfriend Molly Hurwitz. The actor, 51, confirmed the news to People on Thursday with a sweet compliment about his future wife, who is 29. “I de...

Matthew McConaughey: ‘ArrogantLeft Must Learn Value Of Meeting In Middle

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["Actor Matthew McConaughey may have left fans dazed and confused in a political discussion with podcast host Russell Brand. (Watch the interview below.) The “Dallas Buyers Club” Oscar winner accused the “illiberal le...

Matthew McConaughey Reveals Dad Died While Having Sex With His Mom

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["Matthew McConaughey has shared details of his parents’ volatile relationship ― and how it came to an end. The Oscar winner revealed in his new memoir “Greenlights” that his father, James McConaughey, died while havi...

Matthew McConaughey’s Son Looks Just Like Him, And We Can’t Get Over It

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["Fans got a peek at Matthew McConaughey’s son, and it looks like the genes in the family run strong: Young Levi looks just like his famous father. Earlier this week, McConaughey’s wife, Camila Alves McConaughey, shar...

Matthew McConaughey Recalls Electric Reaction He Had To Seeing His Wife For The First Time

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["Matthew McConaughey had a very McConaughey reaction to seeing his now wife, Camila Alves McConaughey, for the first time in a club some years ago. The actor recalled their intense first encounter and “great connecti...