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Denver Mayor Apologizes For Thanksgiving Travel After Urging People To Stay Home

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["Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is an unwise and deeply regretful hypocrite. Those are his words, not ours. “It was unwise, it was hypocritical, it was a mistake that I deeply regret and deeply apologize for,” Hancock ...

David Dinkins, NYC se eerste swart burgemeester, Sterf At 93

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["GEASSOSIEERDE PERS David Dinkins lewer sy eerste toespraak as burgemeester van New York, op Jan. 2, 1990. NEW YORK (AP) - David Dinkins, wat hindernisse verbreek het as die eerste swart burgemeester van New York, maar was gedoem tot 'n enkele ter...

Atlanta Mayor: Donald Trump Would ‘Eat His Own Children’ If He Found It Prudent

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["Atlanta’s Democratic Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms on Wednesday ripped President Donald Trump over his willingness to throw fellow Republicans under the bus when they don’t agree 100% with his agenda. “He will eat his ...

Denver Voters Repeal Pit Bull Ban, 9 Months After Mayor Vetoed Last Try

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["The city of Denver has voted to repeal its 30-year ban on pit bulls, and unlike a similar bill that was passed by its council earlier this year, the city’s mayor said he won’t try to stop it. Roughly 65% of the vote...

Wilbur The French Bulldog Declared ‘MayorOf Tiny Kentucky Town

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["In the midst of all the uncertainty surrounding the 2020 verkiesing, one bright spot emerged on Tuesday as Wilbur, a French bulldog, won mayorship of Rabbit Hash, a tiny community in Kentucky’s Boone County. The jury’...

Tucson Mayor Calls Out Trump Over $80,000 Rally Debt Before New Superspreader Event

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["The mayor of Tucson, Arizona, fired off a letter to President Donald Trump pointing out that his campaign still owes her city $80,000 for his last rally four years ago — even as he heads to his next potential supers...