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Matthew McConaughey: ‘ArrogantLeft Must Learn Value Of Meeting In Middle

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["Actor Matthew McConaughey may have left fans dazed and confused in a political discussion with podcast host Russell Brand. (Watch the interview below.) The “Dallas Buyers Club” Oscar winner accused the “illiberal le...


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["看起来很自然: 毕竟, 谁比马修麦康纳更赤膊上阵? 但是在“快乐悲伤困惑”播客的最近一集中, the actor revealed that his dreams of playing Marvel’s Hulk were...

Matthew McConaughey Recalls Electric Reaction He Had To Seeing His Wife For The First Time

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["Matthew McConaughey had a very McConaughey reaction to seeing his now wife, Camila Alves McConaughey, for the first time in a club some years ago. The actor recalled their intense first encounter and “great connecti...

Matthew McConaughey Reveals Dad Died While Having Sex With His Mom

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["Matthew McConaughey has shared details of his parents’ volatile relationship ― and how it came to an end. The Oscar winner revealed in his new memoir “Greenlights” that his father, James McConaughey, died while havi...