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92-Year-Old Man Reunited With College Jacket Thanks To Social Media

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["Beverly Amick via AP More than 60 years after Mal Osborn earned a varsity letter jacket from the University of Maine as a track runner, he still wore it. That is, until the 92-year-old lost it in October. WINSTON-SA...

The Unexpected Toll Of Being Asian-American On Social Media During COVID-19

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["Alisa Zahoruiko via Getty Images Like everyone else, I charge my phone on my nightstand. Within minutes of waking, I reach for it and from the cozy warmth of my bed, I check my personal emails, respond to texts, loo...

BuzzFeed To Acquire HuffPost In Multi-Year Partnership With Verizon Media

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["BuzzFeed will acquire HuffPost as part of a multi-year partnership with Verizon Media, which has owned HuffPost since 2015, the companies announced Thursday. News of the acquisition was first reported by The Wall St...

Experts Say ‘Nothing AbnormalAbout Massive Gator Freaking Out Social Media

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["An enormous alligator spotted in Naples, Florida, has caused some to make a snap judgment. The Naples Daily News reported Wednesday that the baby dinosaur was spotted at Valencia Golf & Country Club by PGA professio...

Kristen Bell Reveals The Reason Why She Hides Her Kids’ Faces On Social Media

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["Kristen Bell wants her kiddos to be able to make their own decisions. While speaking to Romper in a profile published Tuesday, the “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” star explained why she never forgets to cover the faces ...

Eric Trump Gripes Social Media Censorship Is ‘No. 1 Issue In Politics

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["Eric Trump was feeling a little anti-social about social media sites Wednesday night on Laura Ingraham’s show. President Donald Trump’s second-born son accused social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram...

Most Voters Think Social Media Platforms Have A Duty To Thwart Misinformation

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["NurPhoto via Getty Images Most voters think social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have a responsibility to prevent users from spreading conspiracies or false information on their sites, a HuffPost/...