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Melania Trump Nixes Campaign Trip Due To Lingering COVID-19 Cough

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["WASHINGTON (AP) — Melania Trump’s return to the campaign trail will have to wait. The first lady has decided against accompanying President Donald Trump to a campaign rally Tuesday in Erie, Pennsylvania, because of ...

James Corden Asks Obvious Question After Melania Trump’s Speech On Social Distancing

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["Has Melania Trump been socially distanced from this speech until now? At a recent rally in Tampa, Florida, the first lady gave a speech, which at one point touted social distancing as a group of mask-less Donald Tru...

Jimmy Kimmel Graciously Finishes Melania Trump’s ‘Hate, NegativitySpeech

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["Maybe Jimmy Kimmel could get a job on the first lady’s communications team. The late night host added some finishing touches to the speech that Melania Trump gave at President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Tampa ...

How ‘SNLPulled Off Re-creating Kamala HarrisPantsuit With A Melania Twist

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["“Saturday Night Live” has first lady Melania Trump to thank for being able to perfectly re-create Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ pantsuit at the last minute. When Harris took the stage for her election victory ...

Melania Trump Attempts To Show She Cares About Christmas With 2020 Decor

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["Melania Trump put her headline-making disdain for seasonal adornments aside to unveil the 2020 White House Christmas decorations this week. In photos and a short video posted to her social media platforms early Mo...

Melania Trump odia davvero il Natale in "Kimmel"’ Parodia del video delle vacanze alla Casa Bianca

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["Melania Trump è fortunata ad avere solo un Natale rimasto alla Casa Bianca, perché non sembra che i suoi commenti trapelati sui suoi compiti per le vacanze saranno dimenticati presto. La first lady ha tentato di ...

Melania Trump Slammed For Unveiling New Tennis Pavilion Amid COVID-19 Surge

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["Melania Trump faced backlash Monday after she announced the completion of the new White House tennis pavilion amid a deadly pandemic that is killing more than 2,000 people a day across the country. “Thank you to all...

Stefano Colbert: Questo è il più vicino che ci avvicineremo a una concessione di Melania Trump

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["Stephen Colbert pensa che la first lady Melania Trump si sia appena avvicinata a concedere il 2020 elezione a nome del marito estromesso, Il presidente Donald Trump. Nella trasmissione di lunedì di “The Late Show,” ospite Colbert riffe...

What Melania Trump’s Fashion Choices Say About Her Politics

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[]["“Vestis facit virum,” wrote Catholic priest and social critic Erasmus in Latin during the Middle Ages, arguing that “clothes make the man.” The adage rings even truer in the era of social media influencers and con...