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Seth Meyers Names 2 Things He Definitely Won’t Miss From The Donald Trump Era

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["President Donald Trump’s time in the White House is drawing to a close. And on Monday’s “Late Night,” host Seth Meyers pointed out two things he definitely won’t miss about the Trump era. The first is the “Mad Libs-...

Seth Meyers Obliterates Rudy Giuliani’s ‘Televised Therapy Session

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["Seth Meyers unleashed on Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani on Thursday night after he and other members of the president’s legal team held a chaotic, conspiracy theory-laden news conference alleging wid...

Seth Meyers Singles Out Members Of Trump’s ‘Cuckoo Coup Crew

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["Seth Meyers on Wednesday took a closer look at how Donald Trump and his allies are leading what he called the president’s “dumbass coup attempt.” “President Trump and senior members of the Republican Party are engag...

Seth Meyers Explains How Donald Trump’s Election Denial Scams His Base For Cash

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["Seth Meyers on Thursday accused President Donald Trump of one “final grift” before he “finally concedes” defeat to President-elect Joe Biden. The “Late Night” host mentioned Team Trump’s fundraising efforts for his ...

Seth Meyers: Trump Is Actually Keeping His Word On One Issue, But Really Shouldn’t

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["Seth Meyers on Wednesday mocked Donald Trump for actually delivering on one of his promises. But the “Late Night” host wished the president was not. Meyers noted how Trump ― who has refused to acknowledge defeat in ...

Seth Meyers Names The ‘Most Irritating ThingAbout Donald Trump

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["Seth Meyers admitted Monday that he was stunned “at just how relieved I am that we don’t have to suffer through another four years of Donald Trump.” “Even if you put aside everything else about him — the racism, ven...

Seth Meyers Mocks ‘Political MastermindTrump’s Election ‘Hack

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["Seth Meyers went to town on Donald Trump on Thursday for his off-the-mark interpretation of how democracy works even as several states continued to count votes in a presidential election that was still too close to ...

Seth Meyers Shreds The ‘GhoulsAt Fox News And Their ‘Evidence-Free Musings

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["Seth Meyers on Wednesday went to town on the “ghouls” at Fox News, hammering the conservative network for its ongoing stumping for President Donald Trump even as the 2020 election hangs in the balance. The host of N...

There’s A New Fake Melania Trump In Town On ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

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["Seth Meyers on Thursday poked fun at the conspiracy theory that resurfaced this week about first lady Melania Trump deploying a body double to attend some events with President Donald Trump. Meyers interviewed “Late...