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‘Bad Boy For LifeTrump Might Leave The White House Without Shaking Biden’s Hand

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["President Donald Trump may leave the White House in January in the same way the Detroit Pistons’ star players infamously walked off of the NBA court in 1991 without shaking the hands of the winning Chicago Bulls. An...

This Might Be The Democratic Party’s Costliest Election Loss

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["Ten years ago, Republicans redrew congressional and state legislative districts overwhelmingly to their advantage, tilting the playing field by making it harder for Democrats to win and hold control of both statehou...

Crying At Work Might Be Even Worse Now. Thanks, Zoom.

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[]["삽화: 데이먼 달렌/허프포스트; 사진: GettyCrying at work is not new, but crying to your co-workers on a video call adds a whole new layer of vulnerability.Jill Vanderhoek hit a new low in pandemic life one...