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Daniel Radcliffe onthul Monkey Business Happening In NSFW 'Harry Potter’ Oomblik

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["Wanneer dit by "Harry Potter"-geheime kom, Daniel Radcliffe aap nie rond nie. Die akteur se verskyning op die "Hot Ones" YouTube-reeks Donderdag het onskuldig genoeg begin, met die seun wat geleef het wat smul...

Jimmy Fallon Spots The Gag-Inducing Rudy Giuliani Moment People May Have Missed

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["Most eyes may have been on Rudy Giuliani when a dark liquid oozed down his face during his unhinged press conference alleging baseless claims about election fraud on Thursday. But Jimmy Fallon spotted another strang...

Lucasfilm Exec Defends Disturbing Baby Yoda Moment

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["Some fans weren’t all that egg-cited about Baby Yoda’s antics in the latest episode of “The Mandalorian.” Now, a Lucasfilm executive is defending The Child, Mando-style. In “The Passenger,” The Mandalorian (Pedro Pa...

Joe Scarborough Spots ‘Perry Mason’ Moment Of The Trump-Kushner COVID-19 Debacle

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["MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on Thursday laced into Jared Kushner for boasting about how President Donald Trump seized control of the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic from doctors and scientists. It was ...