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Former Trump Associate Felix Sater Must Face Money Laundering Suit

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["Former Donald Trump associate Felix Sater will have to face a lawsuit accusing him of laundering stolen funds in part through Trump properties, a federal judge ruled on Monday. Sater, a longtime former business asso...

Distributing The Coronavirus Vaccine Will Require Planning — And A Lot More Money

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["The rapid development of coronavirus vaccines, including one that may be weeks away from federal approval, offers the best hope yet for an end to the pandemic. But producing, distributing and administering the vacci...

Laura Ingraham Scolds Lindsey Graham On Live TV Over His Constant Money Pleas

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["Fox News host Laura Ingraham has just about reached her limit with Sen. Lindsey Graham’s pleas for cash while speaking on the network. Graham has repeatedly used his time on the air to ask viewers to donate to his ...

Fox News Cuts Off Lindsey Graham In The Middle Of His Latest Money Plea

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["Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has been using his airtime on Fox News to appeal for more money from viewers. But it seems the right-wing network may have had enough. Graham, who is locked in a tight race against Demo...