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People Have Thoughts On Mario Lopez As Colonel Sanders In ‘Horny KFCLifetime Movie

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["2020 has certainly dealt us a lot of cards we didn’t expect, but Mario Lopez starring as Colonel Harland Sanders in an upcoming KFC-branded Lifetime movie is definitely up there in the list of most ... fowl. Not qui...

‘Monster HunterMovie Pulled From Chinese Cinemas After ‘KneesJoke Falls Flat

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["“Monster Hunter,” Sony Pictures’ big-budget film based on Capcom’s long-running video game franchise, was pulled from China theaters because of a scene that Chinese audiences found offensive. The film, directed by ...

Sia Lashes Out At Autism Community Over Criticism Of Her Upcoming Movie

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["The road to ableism has always been paved with good intentions. Last week, Sia posted a trailer for her upcoming movie, “Music.” According to a press release, the “Chandelier” singer co-wrote the screenplay and dire...

Spike Lee’s New Viagra Movie Musical Is Arousing A Lot Of Attention

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["DIE ENGELE (Reuters) - Director Spike Lee, best known for making movies about the experience of being Black in America, is switching course with his first ever musical - on the subject of Viagra. Lee will direct th...

Kate Winslet Breaks Movie Record For Holding Breath Underwater

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["No scuba gear, no problem. Kate Winslet held her breath underwater in a scene for “Avatar 2” that put stunt enthusiast Tom Cruise to shame. Winslet’s time of 7 minutes 14 seconds broke Cruise’s unofficial movie mark...

See Alex Trebek In His Final Movie, ‘Free Guy

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["Turns out Alex Trebek was very good at playing Alex Trebek. The longtime “Jeopardy!” game host died Sunday after battling pancreatic cancer, earning icon status that extended into the fictional world of television a...