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MSNBC, 라시다 존스 사장 임명, 주요 케이블 뉴스 네트워크의 역사 만들기

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["MSNBC, 차기 회장으로 라시다 존스 지명, 그녀를 주요 일반 뉴스 케이블 네트워크를 운영하는 최초의 흑인 임원으로 만들었습니다., 월스트리트저널이 보도한. 존스, 현재 수석 부사장으로 재직 중인...

MSNBC Cuts Into Donald Trump’s Premature Victory Speech To Fact-Check His Lies

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["MSNBC’s Brian Williams interrupted the network’s broadcast of Donald Trump’s speech from the White House in the early hours of Wednesday morning to point out that the president’s claims about already winning the 202...

MSNBC Hosts Say Trump Owes Kristen Welker An Apology

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["NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker has garnered wide praise for how she moderated Thursday’s second and final presidential debate — and her MSNBC colleagues think now is the perfect time for President...