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Polisiebeamptes van Parys moet in aanhouding bly nadat hulle die swart musiekvervaardiger geslaan het

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["PARYS (Reuters) ― Drie polisiebeamptes van Parys wat aangehou word oor die slaan van 'n swart musiekvervaardiger tydens 'n arrestasie 'n week gelede, sal vir eers in aanhouding bly, Remy Heitz, aanklaer van Parys, Sondag gesê. Heitz vertel ...

All The Fiercest Looks From The 2020 American Music Awards

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["The stars showed up and showed out at the 2020 American Music Awards, which aired live on Sunday amid the coronavirus pandemic. The show was hosted by “Empire” star Taraji P. Henson and held at the Microsoft Theater...

Black Trans Artists Honor Victims Of Transphobic Violence In Powerful Music Video

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["A trio of Black transgender women traverse a pandemic-shuttered New York in “But... I Survived,” a music video project aimed at honoring victims of transphobic violence. Set to the tune of Sia’s “Alive,” the “But.....

Taylor Swift Says Scooter Braun Tried To ‘SilenceHer Before $300 Million Music Sale

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["Prepare yourself for a Scooter Braun-themed version of “Mean” when Taylor Swift rerecords her old music, because the battle over the ownership of her masters rages on. Maandag, Variety reported that Braun had sold...

Michael C. Hall Goes Full-On Indie Rock God In New Music Video

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["Bonnie Biess via Getty Images From left: Matt Katz-Bohen, Michael C. Hall and Peter Yanowitz of Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum. As he prepares to reprise his role in the hotly anticipated “Dexter” reboot, M...

This 19-Year-Old Pop Artist Is Ready To Educate Fans On Trans Issues Through Music

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["Singer-songwriter Flowerkid says his new single, “miss andry,” was born out of adolescent torment. But in a year defined by political strife and a pandemic, he’s hopeful listeners will find healing in the track. “I ...