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After Years Apart, Muslim Families Split By Trump’s Travel Ban Have High Hopes For Biden

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["Mohammed Salem Ali, a 64-year-old Muslim refugee from Somalia, has missed out on years with his family. He wasn’t there for the birth of his three grandchildren, en, because of President Donald Trump’s travel ban, ...

Muslim and Arab Voters May Have Secured Biden’s Michigan Win

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["Arab and Muslim communities likely substantially contributed to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s victory in Michigan, according to local activists and organizers. Emgage Action, a Muslim civic advocacy or...

Muslim American Lawmakers Mark Historic Firsts Across Several States

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["Five Muslim Democratic politicians made history last night by becoming the first Muslim legislators in their respective states. Three Muslim women won seats in state legislatures on Tuesday. Mauree Turner, who won ...

Mauree Turner Wins, Will Be First Muslim Lawmaker In Oklahoma

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["Mauree Turner won her election for state House in Oklahoma’s 88th district, making history as the first Muslim person elected to the state’s legislature. The 27-year-old political newcomer beat out Republican Kelly ...

10 Muslim Americans Explain Why They Support Trump

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["Donald Trump, who as a candidate threatened to ban Muslims from the U.S., followed through as president with a travel order that kept residents of several Muslim-majority countries out of the United States. He’s ali...

Motivated Muslim Voters Could Prove Consequential In Key Swing States

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["Illustrasie: Rebecca Zisser/HuffPost; Foto's: Getty The year’s election could be the one where Muslim American voters really make the difference. Two polls conducted over the summer by the U.S. Immigration Policy C...