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‘We Are Who We Are’ Director Luca Guadagnino On The Show’s Finale And The Mystery Of Love

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["HBO Actors Jordan Kristine Seamón and Jack Dylan Grazer in a scene from \"We Are Who We Are.\" Luca Guadagnino has been called a sensualist and a provocateur, but he is also a stealth optimist. His latest project, t...

Not Even Boba Fett Himself Knows The Answer To This ‘Star WarsMystery

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["You may find this (sar)lack of knowledge disturbing. The return of Boba Fett in “The Mandalorian: Chapter 14” had “Star Wars” fans rejoicing last Friday, but with the bounty hunter’s apparent death in the sarlacc pi...

The Answer To This ‘Haunting Of Bly ManorMystery Is At Hand

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["You have to hand it to “The Haunting of Bly Manor.” Season 2 of showrunner Mike Flanagan’s “Haunting” series delivered a worthy follow-up, leaving fans looking for hidden ghosts and pondering unanswered mysteries: S...