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메릴 스트립은 오바마가 회고록에서 '조금 잘못'한 점을 지적합니다.

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["메릴 스트립은 기록을 바로 세우고 싶어합니다.. 월요일 "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert"에 출연하는 동안, 오스카상을 수상한 배우는 버락 오바마 전 대통령이 얻은 특정 순간을 명확히했습니다. ...

Barack Obama Helps ‘Phil Collins TwinsUnderstand Bob Dylan

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["Music-loving twins Tim and Fred Williams have done a good job analyzing the works of Phil Collins and Alicia Keys. But the viral YouTube stars got some extra help from a surprise visitor this week when it came time ...

Barack Obama Surprises A Super-Fan In The Sweetest Jimmy Kimmel Prank Ever

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["Jimmy Kimmel is known for his funny but often vicious pranks, from his recurring “Lie Witness News” segments to his annual Halloween gag where kids are tricked into thinking their parents ate all the candy. But this...

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