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Michelle Obama Calls Out Trump’s Refusal To Transition To Biden: ‘This Isn’t A Game

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["Michelle Obama shared some candid reflections Monday on the current state of the White House, calling out President Donald Trump for his refusal to concede the election and take part in a peaceful transition of powe...

Meryl Streep wys op iets wat Obama 'n bietjie verkeerd het in sy memoires

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["Meryl Streep wil graag die rekord regstel. Tydens 'n verskyning op "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" Maandag, die Oscar-bekroonde akteur het 'n sekere oomblik verduidelik wat oudpresident Barack Obama gekry het ...

Barack Obama Helps ‘Phil Collins TwinsUnderstand Bob Dylan

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["Music-loving twins Tim and Fred Williams have done a good job analyzing the works of Phil Collins and Alicia Keys. But the viral YouTube stars got some extra help from a surprise visitor this week when it came time ...

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