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Trump Administration Moves To Freeze Wages For Farmworkers Before Leaving Office

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["The Trump administration is moving ahead with a federal rule that would freeze pay for many agricultural guest workers for the next two years, even as they remain essential personnel during a pandemic. The new regu...

Stephen Colbert Reveals What He’s Most Looking Forward To When Trump Leaves Office

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["“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert said he was emotional when he learned on Saturday that President-elect Joe Biden had defeated President Donald Trump in last week’s election. “I sat down and just started crying wit...

Vroue het Trump se tyd in kantoor spandeer om politieke mag te bou

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["Illustrasie: HuffPost; Foto's: Getty Drie dae na verkiesingsdag in 2016, Ek het 'n boodskap op Twitter van 'n nuwe vriend gekry. Sy het 'n handjievol mense oor gehad, meestal vroue, om te sit en praat en verwerk en — mos...

Democratic Senators Wary Of Prosecuting Trump After He Leaves Office

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["Democratic senators are leery of prosecuting Donald Trump and members of his administration after he leaves office next year, saying the decision whether to probe a former president ought to be left to independent D...

Times Of London Trolls Trump With Cartoon Of Oval Office Chaos Biden Will Encounter

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["President-elect Joe Biden faces quite the clean-up operation in a new cartoon published by the Times of London on Monday. Morten Morland, the political cartoonist at the Rupert Murdoch-owned British newspaper, depic...

Octavia Spencer Conned Her Way Into Ted Kennedy’s Office As A Youth

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["Octavia Spencer has won an Oscar, but she couldn’t act like a New Englander when she tried to meet Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) on a youth trip to Washington, D.C., many years ago. “The Witches” star told Jimmy Kimmel...