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Times Of London Trolls Trump With Cartoon Of Oval Office Chaos Biden Will Encounter

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["President-elect Joe Biden faces quite the clean-up operation in a new cartoon published by the Times of London on Monday. Morten Morland, the political cartoonist at the Rupert Murdoch-owned British newspaper, depic...

Women Have Spent Trump’s Time In Office Building Political Power

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["Illustration: HuffPost; Photos: Getty Three days after Election Day in 2016, I got a message on Twitter from a new friend. She was having a handful of people over, mostly women, to sit and talk and process and — mos...

Democratic Senators Wary Of Prosecuting Trump After He Leaves Office

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["Democratic senators are leery of prosecuting Donald Trump and members of his administration after he leaves office next year, saying the decision whether to probe a former president ought to be left to independent D...

Trump Administration Moves To Freeze Wages For Farmworkers Before Leaving Office

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["The Trump administration is moving ahead with a federal rule that would freeze pay for many agricultural guest workers for the next two years, even as they remain essential personnel during a pandemic. The new regu...

Octavia Spencer Conned Her Way Into Ted Kennedy’s Office As A Youth

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["Octavia Spencer has won an Oscar, but she couldn’t act like a New Englander when she tried to meet Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) on a youth trip to Washington, D.C., many years ago. “The Witches” star told Jimmy Kimmel...

Stephen Colbert Reveals What He’s Most Looking Forward To When Trump Leaves Office

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["“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert said he was emotional when he learned on Saturday that President-elect Joe Biden had defeated President Donald Trump in last week’s election. “I sat down and just started crying wit...